About this site


Naturalknow is a publication for healthy enthusiasts, aspiring alternative healers, and clean eating individuals. The resources are focused on living a natural healthy lifestyle, aiding diseases through means of alternative medicine, best safe clean-living practices, and for maintaining personal natural well-being.

Naturalknow is about using the Earth natural elements and minerals to nourish, compliment, and strengthen the human body. We emphasize working hand-in-hand with nature in maintaining, enhancing, and stabilizing optimal health. We are only interested in using one hundred percent of natural food, herbs, and minerals respecting chemical infinity.

Naturalknow believes in a universal balance that all things interconnect. Maintaining allegiance with the Earth's balance and understanding we are all different, not better- regarding nutrition. What is consistent with one's culture physiologically and biologically may not be so with another; there is this universal order, which is called gene food consistency and cosmic food arrangement that are the laws of life and nutrition. We need to work in unity with those cosmic biological laws.

Not only must we teach people how to use food nutritionally, but we must teach them to do it within the context of their own culture, Dr. Alvenia Fulton. Our livelihood, our existence, and throughout all Earthly and societal vicissitudes quintessential health, infinite beauty, and a profound mental grace triumph.