What does fasting means

What does fasting means

This article discusses:

  1. what does fasting means
  2. Dick Gregory the power of fasting
  3. why do people fast
  4. why fasting is good, Dick Gregory
  5. the power of not eating
  6. and fasting to heal the gut

What does fasting means can be stated simply as nature's best healing mechanism; it allows you to implement nature’s basic ways of healing your body. Have you realized "when your body is not at ease it tends to lose its appetite," Dick Gregory? This is an example that fasting is nature's natural healing principle for natural healing.

Fasting means abstinence from food; it is following nature’s patterns, flow, and rhythm: a time to give, a time to take, and a time to receive, Dr. Afrika. "Practice abstinence for thy health, thy well-being, and thy days be numbered," Hippocrates. You are the healer within, go heal thyself through Intermittent fasting diet.

Dick Gregory, the power of fasting

You don't fast to make bad people become good people, fasting creates a positive energy force that other forces can gather. The word fasting means to abstain from. So, drinking water, you're on a water diet; it’s not fasting. You drink fruit juices, you are on a fruit juice diet, and it’s not fasting. When you eat nothing like the story of Jesus when he fasted—that’s forty days of just breathing air. After Jesus or anyone who fasted for 40 days, everything in your body will change; the universe takes over. That is why I think Jesus was able to communicate to his farther through after he fasted in the desert for forty days—the universe took over.

Why do people fast

Why do people fast vary? Some people entertain the thought of fasting. Some people fast as a preventive roadblock against disease, and some people waited to fast after being sick. you end up with those who fast to prevent getting sick and those who fast because of a health crisis. People who must fast and people who may fast. Where do you stands? Let me know in the comment.

The preventive fast is a precaution for maintaining well-being to avoid certain pain suffering conditions, such as diseases that are not yet recognizable. following the example of Mother Nature, the once a year spring cleaning preventive fast for detoxing, flushing, and cleansing your body from impurities that are disease prone.

Why fasting is good

The profound ability to remove build-up wastes, toxins, and impurities are why fasting is good. In most cases, those impurities are the foundation of a host of other pains. helps your body cleanse, You will gain tremendous health rejuvenation from fasting.

Dick Gregory shares his knowledge when he was asked what does fasting means. The interview was the most intriguing conversation. A poetic conversation with Dick Gregory speaking about fasting.
What got you into fasting?
A woman named Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Probably the number one faster during her time in Chicago got me into fasting.
I've gone on water fast, which took about 180 days
My longest fast was on fruit juices for two and a half-year
My other longest fast on eating nothing was for three weeks,
you start seeing things happen the more you fast. because you are in sync with a different level of energy in the universe, this is a very simple way to tap into this energy—that spiritual power. The more you fast, the more you pick up things--that universal energy of awareness. That's what got me fasting more and more.

What are the benefits of fasting?

The benefits of fasting are cleansing, rejuvenating, and healing your body. You see once you go on a fast, the body starts consuming itself. So, if you take a comb and comb your hair, the hairs that are coming out of the comb are the weak hairs. So, when you go on a fast it the strong cells in the body start eating the weak cells. That is how you heal from fasting—that’s what fasting does in a glance.
There are three causes of Deaf in America: one is a heart condition, cancer, and doctors making mistakes. The benefits of fasting can change all three of the above mentioned.

benefits of fasting

19 benefits when you fast
Fasting to heal the gut
Fasting can help disorder of the metabolism
Fasting can heal chronic underweight and obesity
Fasting can heal rheumatism in the muscles and joints
Fasting can heal diabetes before it gets too advance
fasting can heal sciatica
fasting for Diseases of the heart
fasting blood vessels circulation
fasting for coronary thrombosis
fasting for low or high blood pressure
fasting for bloodstream congestion and lymphatic system
Fasting for hot flushes
Fasting for blood changes due to nicotine, alcohol, arsenic, mercury, sleeping pills, and prescription drugs
fasting for blood changes that can cause chronic inflammation of tonsils suppuration in middle ear
Fasting will benefit skin diseases such as eczema, nettle rash, sensitive skin, acne, and boils.
Fasting for digestive organs, bowels, and catarrh of the stomach, liver and gall bladder diseases, and constipation
fasting for diseases of the respiratory organs, throat, chest, bronchial asthma, and pneumonia
fasting for Menopausal symptoms, chronic inflammation of the womb, benign tumors of female sex organs, Fallopian tube and ovary, and menstrual flow regularity
fasting for Kidney and bladder diseases, like nephritis, vesical, pyelitis, and renal calculus
Fasting for nervous complaints like exhaustion, migraine, recurring headache, neuralgia, insomnia, depression, and neuritis
The benefits of fasting are everlasting; When you go to China, India, or Africa it endures. it's everlasting because the practice doesn’t need changing. Just like air, water, sunlight, and the minerals in the soil. They remain the same since creation, they are everlasting till the end; they endure.

Best food to eat before fasting

The best food to eat before fasting that are easy for the body to assimilate and reserve energy for cleansing (Dr. Sebi, dr. Afrika, and Dick Gregory). These food are to feed your cells and to give you energy so you won't feel hungry for long periods. The food is what helps your body to detox wastes from processed foods, synthetic medication, electrical radiation, pollution, and environmental toxins that affect the overall health of your body. Fasting greatly speeds up this process of expelling many of the harmful toxins. for example, phlegm, mucus, fecal waste, and parasites from your body.

According to Dr. Sebi, during fasting, if one has to eat because of medical reasons or whatever the case may be. knowing the right food to eat is very important because your body must still be able to continue to eliminate wastes, flush out mucus, and toxins. You can eat, but you will gain more advantages if you eat mainly natural alkaline fruits, vegetables, fresh-made juices, steamed vegetable broths.

Eating foods during fasting that your body can easily digest that are rich in minerals--foods that are dense in nutrients to provide the elements your body will need without using much of its energy for digesting and assimilating foods. they are natural and easy to absorb. so, using much of your energy and resources flushing out wastes, fecal, toxins, and other impurities that can hinder the healing process.

Intermittent fasting food list

Dr. Sebi's intermittent fasting foods This list is for people who want to know what can you eat during intermittent fasting; it will work for all other fast. The natural foods have all of the so-called 92 minerals found in the earth's soil, which 27 of them are found and play a major role in the human body and restoring good health. The intermittent fasting foods list alkalinity, rich in the mineral Iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. They are foods your body can easily digest, assimilate, and utilize.

Fruits and Vegetables
all types of berries
seeded melons
seeded grapes
For more vegetables for fasting and fruits for fasting- see the free natural food guide for the complete food fasting list. Those foods are Dr. Sebi's ways of getting rid of mucus and other body wastes from your body.

Dr. Alvenia Fulton speaks about Fasting

Dr. Alvenia Fulton talks about fasting, healing, and how to break a fast.
Larry Cherry,
knew Dr. Fulton personally. She was no joke! I know of many people she healed through fasting. She was at least 80 when I met her. I knew her for over 30 years before she passed. So, she lived to be at least 110 years old. I worked briefly in her health food store and clinic to help her set up a computerized inventory system. Once I asked her what the secret that helped her heal so many thousands of people.

She looked at me and said., "there is only ONE disease. the is only ONE main cure. Modern medicine has thousands of names for diseases but they are all caused by the same thing. REMOVE the mucus from your body and the body will heal itself!!!" I did 3 fasts each time for over 30 days with her method and had tremendous energy and lost a pound or two a day.

Using her fasting method involved

  1. Preparing for a long fast by eating only fresh fruits and vegetables, 1 day for every 5 days you plan to fast.
  2. Using plenty of natural herbs in capsule form every day during the fast.

She was right that if you cleanse before the fast after two or three days, you no longer have any hunger for even after 20 or 30 days. Also, it is very important to break the fast by eating some natural soup, very small amounts for 5 or 6 days. Otherwise, you can become sick from introducing regular amounts of food into the body too soon. The villi in the intestines have to wake back up.

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