8 strategies of dr. Sebi high blood pressure diet, lower high blood pressure symptoms, and the cause of hypertension

8 strategies of dr. Sebi high blood pressure diet, lower high blood pressure symptoms, and the cause of hypertension

What is high blood pressure?

If the walls of the arteries are clogged, stuff with plaques and blood-flow becomes restricted as it pumps from the heart to the aorta, then the arteries create pressure; the blood pressure becomes higher than it normally supposed to be, and as a result, you developed hypertension (high blood pressure).

Diet is the number one cause of high blood pressure in the United States. It is reported that over 85 percent of high blood pressure cases are linked to bad dieting. African Americans reported more cases of having high blood pressure than any other race in the United States for any age-group or gender.

High blood pressure can lead to other diseases such as strokes, a large heart, artery coronary diseases, tonsillitis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, and kidney diseases. Those diseases are also leading among African Americans who are more likely to have or developed high blood pressure (hypertension).

What is considered high blood pressure?

To check the blood pressure, you will need a blood pressure gauge, which is called a sphygmomanometer and it records 2 types of information: the first one is called the systolic, which is the higher reading and the second one is called the diastolic, which is the lower reading.

Therefore, diastolic is less troublesome than the systolic high blood pressure readings because the systolic unveils the pressure of the blood built as it is pump from the heart to the aorta before it goes through the passageways in the arteries. Your blood pressure is considered high when your systolic reading is high because the walls of the arteries are clogged and there are plaques in the walls limiting blood flows. A normal systolic high blood pressure reading is between 120- 150 millimeters. A high reading is 140/190; the indication of a systolic high blood pressure reading is over 180/115.

What causes high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is caused when the blood that flows in the arteries is high due to eating food that causes plaque and clogged the wall of the arteries, therefore, building pressure through the arteries during the circulation of blood flow. Blood pumps from the heart by the heart to the aorta, then to the arteries. If the walls of the arteries are narrow because they become hardened due to excessive plaque caused by bad dieting, the flow of the blood in the passageways of the arteries suppresses.

Another point to keep in mind is that the arteries get hardened as an individual age, so if he/she diet is bad, this triples the possibility of causing and developing high blood pressure as individuals become older.

High blood pressure is caused by:

Apart from the hardened and clogging of the arteries that may cause high blood pressure due to poor blood circulation. High blood pressure is caused by synthetic drugs, processed foods, and unhealthy behavior patterns:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Stress
  3. A bad diet very important
  4. Coffee
  5. Fried foods and processed foods
  6. Aging
  7. Overeating

Symptoms of high blood pressure:

Dr. Sebi considers high blood pressure symptoms the “navy seal sniper killer” because seldom there are any noticeable signs of any blood pressure may be high. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean there aren't any symptoms, the few noticeable symptoms of high blood pressure are Having a hard time breathing;
The vision may get blurry
The person may get a headache.
One of my aunts have high blood pressure, she said her blood pressure symptoms are dizziness and that her pulse gets rapid. But, because high blood pressure symptoms are not always noticeable, it got a nickname as being the “the navy seal sniper killer."

Dr. Sebi High blood pressure diet:

"All of the high blood pressure drugs imitate water, so it is common sense that you need to drink plenty of freshwaters," so you need to drink natural spring water.
High blood pressure drug thins the blood, so drinking water will thin the blood naturally. Divide your weight by 2, and then drink that number in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150, you would divide 150/2, which is 75 ounces of water daily.

Eating five different types of fruits and vegetables a day can help stop the artery from clogging and help artery walls from closing due to plaque deposits. Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants to help prevent artery walls and plaques are asparagus, cabbage, tomatoes, oranges, seeded grapes, and peaches—see nutritional guide for more natural fruits and veggies.

Potassium-rich foods are beneficial to help with high blood pressure because potassium helps the body expel sodium. Eat mostly fruits and veggies rich in potassium like small red potatoes and avoid salty foods—see the nutritional guide.
Fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber are beneficial for high blood pressure; they will lower the pressure and help with waste removal from the artery walls—see the nutritional guide.

High blood pressure after eating:

High blood pressure after eating is as important because you need to know what foods to avoid that may be detrimental to raising your blood pressure after you have to eat them. They are fatal to your wellbeing, so what not to eat is as important as what to eat. You don't want to have a high blood pressure after eating, avoid the following foods:

Avoid overheating even though the food is considered healthy foods

Don't eat salty foods, so stay away from salt. Salt turns and causes plaque in the artery walls. These foods usually contain salt so always read the label of the foods you eat to avoid sodium: sodas, baking soda, soy sauce, meat tenderizers, and MSG (monosodium glutamate).
A lot of meat, sweets, pastries, and desserts, avoid them all.
Do not eat any food in canned, that goes for fruits and vegetables, you make sure to not eat canned food.
Cut out dairy products from your diet—do not eat anything made of dairy, very high in sodium, so no cheese, yogurt, and alcohol.
Do not eat late at night
Do not eat rice. If you do, eat brown or wild rice

Dr. Sebi High blood pressure medication natural herbs:

The following herbs are recommended by Dr. Sebi because they help to open the arteries wall, blood vessels, and eliminate plaques from the wall of the arteries. These herbs are natural alkaline electrical herbs high in minerals. They have been researched and proven to be good sources of high blood pressure medication. High blood pressure medication, herbal herbs are usually are high in iron, so most the herbs for the blood are going to be iron-rich.

  1. Fennel
  2. Oregano
  3. Basil
  4. Yellow dock
  5. Black cohosh
  6. Cayenne

You can beat high blood pressure, anyone can. People who have done these simple things triumph over high blood pressure and so can you. You are now ready with the information given here to win. Remember to check your blood pressure on the regular, eat a healthy diet of the recommended fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, see the nutritional guide. Lastly, exercise regularly to keep your weight balance.