Understanding your organs time cycle

Understanding your organs time cycle

Understanding your organs time cycle, organ clock and time cycles tell you which time each of your bodily organs functions so you can better assist them for optimum cleansing. Learn to work with your body’s biological clock instead of against it, the organ time cycle. Know when your kidney is cleansing when your liver is resting, and when your digestive system is resting. Working your bodily organs at the proper time can have a significant effect on overall good health.

Organs within the body have a clock like functional rhythms. The organ clock allows organs to singularly function at their best. However, if an organ fails to function at its best at a designated time, you will feel poorly at that hour. Furthermore, each organ has an organ complement and if there is poor functioning of one, the complementary organ may also be affected.
1 AM Liver
3 AM Lungs
5 AM Large intestine
7 AM Stomach
9 AM Spleen
11 AM Heart
1 PM Small Intestine
3 PM Bladder
5 PM. Kidneys
6 PM. Internal System Regulator
7 PM. Energy Regulator
8 PM. Gall Bladder
Complementary Organs
Lungs Large Intestines
Small Intestines
Bladder and sex organs
Gall Bladder

Body Cycle
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday = physical days
Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday= mental days
The body cyclically fluctuates. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, it is external (physical, muscle organs, left-minded, yang), while on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday it is internal ( spiritual, visceral organs, tight minded, yin).
Saturday it is in the middle brain and balanced beyond the confines of worldly (external) and heavenly (internal).
Exercise is best performed on physical days while light exercise can be performed on internal days.

Body parts Cycle
Above waist energy focus in A.M.
Below waist energy focus in P.M.
Vertical plane energy is A.M.
Horizontal plane energy is P.M.

Reference: Dr. Afrika Holistic health