Turn your juicer into a pharmacy: break down mucus with homemade Juice fasting

Turn your juicer into a pharmacy: break down mucus with homemade Juice fasting

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Make your juicer a mucus flush cleanser
Mucus Flush Breakdown Juices
Make the juicer your healing pharmacy
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Juicing fresh alkaline vegetables and fruits from a juicer as a fasting regimen for mucus flush. It is the healing of Dr. Sebi's mucus flush cleanser. Simple fresh homemade juices according to Dr. Sebi thirty day cleanse speech was how he treated most of his patients from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis, etc., He called it electrical food and herbs from the forest, which Hippocrates used many years ago for healing every disease known to man during his time.

"My juicer is my pharmacy", those were the words the old man shouted at me after I recommended to him over-the-counter's laxative as a mucus flush.

That was twenty years ago when the old man started his healthy natural living lifestyle. Now, I think living this this way as a form of spiritual living. Nonetheless, the old man had been following the advice of Dr. Alvenia Fulton,and reading Dr. Lailla Afrika's health books. I was in high school back than.

the old man is now eighty years old, several decades had gone, and his passion for living according to the principles of Dr. Sebi natural alkaline electric food still stands.

The old man eats natural seeded fruits and vegetables--foods oods that are grown on their own without the aid of human interference. He eats nothing that grows under the ground, no canned food, and nothing that swims, flies or walks; just like his mentor, Dr. Sebi. It simply can be stated as "living according to the laws of nature." This was the philosophy behind Dr. Sebis teachings, "obedient to the dietary principles of mother nature".

Fast forward to today, having exposed to this way of living, I recounted in memory the experiences and knowledge I gained from the old man throughout my years. The healthful benefits of fruit and vegetable juices will do healing wonders for the body.

Make your juicer a mucus flush cleanser
Vegetable juices and fruit juices are the best way of flushing mucus. Rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, alkaline vegetables and fruits are the builders and cleansers of our bodies. Naturally ripe alkaline fruits and vegetables are allies to achieving vibrant health. They can be vigilant warriors against mucus, which deprives the body of fresh oxygen. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices made from a juicer can firm soldiers against unrecognizable diseases yet to manifest in advance stages, as well as diseases that are already manifested.
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You must understand and treat mucus as an enemy. "Wherever you find the manifestation of mucus, you will find the manifestation of diseases," Dr. Sebi.
In the book Sacred Woman, " mucus in the brain causes memory loss, mucus in the middle of the ear causes loss of hearing, and mucus in the throat causes thyroid dysfunctions, etc.
Causes of mucus

  • Mucus in the eyes causes cataracts, red eyes, and poor vision
  • Mucus in your nose causes sinus congestion
  • Mucus in your lungs causes asthma, influenza, and bronchitis.
  • Mucus in the breasts causes tumors or cysts in the breasts

Mucus is found in the body because the body produces mucus as a defense mechanism for protection. When we eat things that produce excessive mucus, then we have an overload of it, then they begin to cause havoc to our health.
Use vegetable juices to get rid of excess mucus in your body to rejuvenate and build up your health. Get the FREE Natural Food Guide for a list of alkaline vegetables and fruits to juice in a homemade juicer.

Mucus Flush Breakdown Juices
These juices are for cleansing and flushing out mucus. Do not be lazy about making fresh homemade juices in a juicer; it is well worth it, and do not concern too much about taste at first. The more you drink these fresh juices, the better your body will like them. They will do miracle for healing your illnesses. And as your body goes through its healing rejuvenation, the taste will no longer be an issue. The juices will taste better as your body heals up.

Juice two or three grapefruits, they have been known to flush mucus out.
Green juices, run kale to the juicer; kale-green juices help expel mucus, as well as being helpful for heavy blood flow and anemia.
Juices made with lemons, limes, and watermelon is excellent for flushing mucus from the body.

The more you juice fresh fruits and vegetables; the better you are helping your body to build and rejuvenate; the more you will be cleansing the body of toxins, and you will be setting an environment to permit your body making healthier changes. Juices are perfect for breakfast; you will find plenty of alkaline vegetables and fruits from the FREE Natural Food Guide.

Mucus juicing for healing
The ability to heal diseases that are not yet in their advance stages with fresh green vegetable and fruit juices made from a juicer: early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other degenerated chronic diseases.

Juice everything from alkaline fruits to all types of fresh vegetables you can get at your local supermarkets. Healing juices can do miracles in detoxing, building, strengthen, and rejuvenating years of aches and pains from your body. It is well worth it, therefore, do not be lazy in making these juices, and do not worry about taste. As you drink these juices your body will react to them and their taste will cease to be an issue. Get the FREE Natural Food Guide for a list of alkaline vegetables and fruits for reference.

To get started, here are some fresh green juices for mucus that are worth juicing . These are just a few from a vast library of vegetables. You can now begin to imagine the abundant healthful benefits you are to gain from juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Fresh fennel juice has the following health benefits: juice fennel for anemia, blood pressure, breast milk, constipation, diarrhea, and bone density.
  • Fresh Jicama juices health benefits are the following: cold and flu, asthma, swelling and bruising weight loss, and stomach health.
  • Cucumber's juice for blood pressure, acidity in the blood, hair growth, skin problems, sunburn, water retention, puffy eyes.
  • Bell peppers juice has anti-bacterial and fungal health benefits, as well as, anti-aging, blood clots, high cholesterol, and respiratory disorders.
  • Bitter melon juice is helpful for diabetes mellitus, as well as, eye problems.

Juicing for weight loss
I personally supervised over fifty weight loss patients. This is how I got them to lose up to thirty pounds a month. After helping my wife to lose twenty-five pounds in a month, which is about one and a half pounds a day. I wanted to see if the same weight loss technique would be helpful to other people. And it did work, for each and every one of my weight loss patients, they all got the result they wanted. They were all very pleased that it was as easy for such an amazing turn-around. The power of fasting is real.

Turn your juicer into a pharmacy
Steps for weight loss juicing

  1. I got them to juice fruits and vegetables for breakfast. Most of them would tell me that they weren't even hungry by lunchtime. I told them it was because of the juices. Natural food nourishes the cells and tissues in the body because the foods are high in minerals and other nutrients the body needs.

  2. For lunch, I told them to eat live foods; It doesn't matter what it just need to be fresh. I gave them a natural food guide that they could prepared any meals from.

  3. For dinner, there were no rules, except that they could not eat after 9 PM.

  4. and the last step i told them was to walk, walk, and just walk. when you do walk, you should walk until you are exhausted. You should walk at least 3 times a week.

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