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The top six articles treatments for asthma. from treatments at home for asthma, astma and allergy foundation, and asthma treatments guideline. Asthma's definition is a disease of the lungs that makes it difficult to breathe when the muscles of the passages of the lungs tighten and narrow making it difficult for air to leave the lungs. The symptoms of asthma are wheezing, coughing, tight chest, and during an asthma attack, a person's respiratory passages become a difficulty to breathe.

Asthma diet action plan
With the help of dr. Sebi's natural food guide, you may be able to relieve the wheezing in about 4 weeks. If you heed and discipline yourself to the natural diet lifestyle, you may be able to completely eliminate your asthma in about 2-6 months. In the world of natural healing, this is awesome because even on synthetic drugs taking for asthma medication—it takes time before treating asthma.

Asthma Breakfast:
Using dr. Sebi's natural food guide, fruit juices and any solid fruits that you feel the need to eat. The fruit juices should be diluted with cold or hot water, and you may add some raw honey or agave nectar if you need to sweeten lemon/orange juices. Asthmatics can eat fresh or stewed vegetables. Sweeten your cooked food with sugar will worsen your asthma symptoms. Eat half of the food in the morning and the other half in the latter during mid-morning.

Asthma Lunch:
At noon, eat raw salads as much you want. This salad can be some dandelion greens, callaloo or any other greens that pleases you. You can add some slices of jicama, turnip, a pear or avocado, some raw fennel greens, and a little squeeze seeded yellow lemon or arrange juice to season your salad. No commercial salad dressings or oils. In addition, eat steamed vegetables instead of bread (different colors). No milk, pastries, or crackers.

Asthma treatments
In mid-afternoon
(3 or 4 pm.) do fruit and fruit juices the same way you did for breakfast in the morning; this good to keep your asthma symptoms under control.
for early supper, same as lunch.
Do not eat food before bedtime or 90 minutes after sunset because eating late worsen asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and tight congested chest.

The concept is to adapt a nourishing diet that is beneficial for asthma treatment. Include a variety of vegetables and fruits from dr. Sebi's natural food guide. You want to have a fat free diet as much as possible to help reduce asthma attacks and worsen asthma symptoms. Drink plenty of natural spring water to keep your bronchial tubes clear from phlegm.

Natural Herbs for Asthma Treatments
These herbs are useful for helping asthma treatments naturally.

For example, a warm cup of tea made from any of the following herbs (1-2 tsp.):
catnip tea
mullein tea
lobelia tea
Jupiter berries
slippery elm bark
cayenne desensitizes the respiratory system
mullein oil to unclogs bronchial tubes.

Bad asthma foods to avoid
Foods that can worsen your asthma attack symptoms, the following foods are not recommended for asthma prevention.

Avoid processed junk foods, they are the leading result for asthma symptoms
Food containing additives and preservatives
Milk products
Ice cream
Cold liquids
Bananas, melons, and ragweed

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