Three natural living strategy to get healthy

Three natural living strategy to get healthy

Being healthy is easy, those are the words I often hear from the speeches of Dr. Sebi. I watch an incredibly large amount of content he produced; whether it is his YouTube videos, one of his health seminars, his nutritional guide, or reading the remnants of his work on a blog on the internet. He is always saying "being healthy is easy," really dude, is it that easy as he makes a healthy lifestyle seems. If so, why isn't natural living be as easy for everyone else? So I made it my business to take notice of what makes a natural living healthy lifestyle easy for some healthy people and what is the strategy they are using.

1 healthy people embody natural living into their lives:

Permeate the culture of living naturally instead of a fad for a limited time. I had a professor in junior college who taught me something I have been using since. She told me to embody whatever course I was taking during a semester; don't just pick up the book to study for a course only when a quiz or a test is coming up. I should find other ways to embody the course into my life. So, I would watch a YouTube video, a documentary, or a podcast related to that course. I would do that several times each week for one of the courses I was taking and before you know it, I was understanding and learning things in ways I would have not imagined.

I observed and interviewed many natural living healthy people; they all share this trait in common; they embody natural healthy living, therefore, healthy living has become a part of the individual day-to-day life. The natural lifestyle to these people can be compared to breathing oxygen--something they just do. That is how entrenched they have embodied the lifestyle. Natural living to them has become second to none and the fabric of their day-to-day lives.

These people adopted natural living and nurtured it until it surpasses being not only their habit, but they have allowed the lifestyle time to evolve as part of their intricate being by staying the course until what every natural thing does. If you plant it, water it, nurture and feed it, then it will naturally grow.

2 He and she eats clean with balance

It doesn't mean once you have decided to live a natural living lifestyle and eating clean healthy foods that you will never eat anything bad ever again. No, far from that misconception, I have done it and know quite a few healthy people who do it on the regular--eating unhealthy meals.

You just have to balance your diet. What I'm saying is that even though he/she eats clean predominantly most of the time, but there are times he/she will eat uncleanly. It is a balance of the 80/20 rule, meaning 80 percent of the time he/she eats clean, and 20 percent of the time he/she eats unclean.

The 20 percent of unclean eating is for restaurants, guest dinners, parties, traveling, or when he/ she practices undisciplined food indulgent. The 80 percent is your natural living lifestyle. The deal is you just balance your 80/20 rule of clean eating. For example, when I started my journey I didn't try to completely eradicate my bad eating habit as most people do: they try to go healthy full force. I did it by eating clean for one day out of the week, then 2 days out of the week, and eventually I was able to eat clean 3 days out of the week.

Now, I am up to four days out of the week, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other three days, I mix things up and have fun with it, which lessens the conflict or struggle people dealt with. This process has allowed my body to choose and evolve at a natural paste choosing clean eating over unhealthy eating because the overall experience for me is so much pleasurable.

3 Eat clean diet grocery list:

Healthy people know what to eat and are informed about what they eat. The healthy people I know and interviewed eat fruits in the morning because fruits help the body cleanses and flush out toxins; they eat a salad or vegetables at noon or for lunch because at noon the sun is at its highest peak- the center of the earth or at the top of the head as some would say for balance. Vegetables bring chlorophyll, melanin, carbon, nourish and strengthen the cells. The balance between fruits and vegetables: fruits--negative, vegetables--positive. Healthy people have a "eat clean diet grocery list" that they go to as a reference to accumulated knowledge for electric organic alkaline foods.

They normally add to the food list when they have new natural food to add to the list or delete from the list when they have learned that a certain food is no longer safe to eat. Sometimes you will find out certain food you used to eat is unhealthy and you will have to refrain from eating such food. So, the thirst for knowledge is constant with healthy people and this strategy seems to be a trait with all of the interviewees.

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