Naturalknow Farm LLC

Naturalknow Farm LLC

Welcome to Naturalknow Farm LLC !
Promoting clean eating through organic sustainable agriculture.
Naturalknow farm is about using the Earth natural soil to grow organic foods that will nourish, compliment, and strengthen the human body. We emphasize working hand-in-hand with nature in maintaining, enhancing, and stabilizing optimal health through regenerative farming. We are only interested in using one hundred percent of natural resources to produce food and herbs through regenrative landscape for a sustainable future.


Naturalknow farm believes in a universal balance that all things interconnect. Maintaining allegiance with the Earth's balance and understanding we are all different, not better- regarding nutrition. What is consistent with one's culture physiologically and biologically may not be so with another; there is this universal order, which is called gene food consistency and cosmic food arrangement that are the laws of life and nutrition. We need to work in unity with those cosmic biological laws. Our priority is to Improve soil health through a no-till farming, a diverse cropping strategy that includes cover and companion crops, and through no synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides. These strategies have allowed the health of the soil, the mineral and water cycles to greatly improve. As a result, the quality of the foods produced on naturalknow farm are rich in nutrient and menirals.

How I Got Free land to Farm

How I got Free Land to Farm
$3k a week from coconuts

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Naturalknow organic farm and land regenerative program reach over 120,000 people each year. We are located in Okeechobee, Florida. Our program sends a food basket to all of the Naturalknow farm members each harvest consisting every organic fruits, natural herbs, grains, vegetables, and pasture raised meat Naturalknow farm produces. The farm normally has three to four harvests a year, becoming a member surpases the price you would have to buy our organic foods at a supermarket.

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Why should you become a farm member with Naturalknow organic land generative farming? When you become a part of the Naturalknow farm community, you are supporting a growing trend of black farmers going back to work the land to produce natural organic foods. You'll know where your foods come from and how what you eat was produced. As a member of the Naturalknow farm community there are many benefits. You'll get your own personalize basket during each harvests of everything that was grown on the farm for that particular season. For example, we are in the process of producing natural wild honey, passion fruits, organic ginger, pasture raised poultry, and many more.