Increase Libido with Natural Food

Increase Libido with Natural Food

Enhance libido with natural foods like aniseeds, hazelnuts, mushrooms, figs, and red globe grapes. They are some of the best natural foods for libido enhancement.

Aniseeds boost libido drives and sperm count
Can aniseeds be used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido drive? What are the benefits of aniseeds and the evidence that aniseeds are an aphrodisiac, if so, does that mean its good for boosting sperm count or even help with libido drive?

Aniseeds have long been used in the ancient world to help treat ailments such as coughs, asthma, anxiety, and digestion. Aniseeds were used in ancient Egypt during the 25th dynasty. Aniseed was used to boost libido drive in the ancient world. Aniseed was used in Ancient Rome as well as Greece to enhance libido( Dr. Laila).

Aniseed is still very popular among the top healers today. Dr. Sebi added aniseeds in his well-known alkaline nutritional guide food list; Only the most nutritious natural foods are in that list. Foods that are known to be rich in minerals. Afua wroke about aniseed in the book, Sacred Woman". Do aniseeds have the minerals good for boosting libido drive?

According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Aniseeds contain some of the 27 major minerals found in the human body out of the 102 minerals found in the earth's soil. Aniseeds have mineral iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, and potassium.

Dr. Sebi referenced iron as the one mineral that pulls every other mineral towards it and good for providing energy. The blood is Iron and it carries out oxygen throughout the body--that's more blood flow to the genital area. Iron delivers a fresh supply of oxygen to boost libido drive. The aphrodisiac, aniseeds. But is it true or is it just a claim?

What does sperm need to thrive?
Sperm needs minerals, nutrients, and oxygen from natural foods to thrive. Copper, potassium, and iron are important minerals for energy conversion as well as the other major minerals. The body needs them to properly make energy (Mineral and man).

Natural food Increases Libido drive
To increase libido, drinking one glass of natural spring water with aniseed powder before bed or in the morning can increase libido drive. You may also want to change your diet, regular exercise, and start eating fresh foods such as green-purple leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Almond has the benefit of increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the male penis.

Almond is good for penis blood flow?
Almonds (Prunus amygdalus) is very nutritious, perhaps the best nut with the most value of nutrition. Almonds have been used in the passed for potentially treating impotency. Not having enough blood flowing to your penis which affects sexual health. You will see in the illustration below.

Almond is good for blood circulation in the genital area. How does eating almond help with erectile dysfunction and boost libido performance? Almond has the benefit of increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the male penis because of the minerals the nuts contain.

A lack of blood circulation in the male penis causes sexual issues. One of the problems is impotence, the lacking of sexual desires. Someone unable to perform sexual intercourse due to arousal stimulation. If there is no blood flow in the penis to provide oxygen, there will be some sort of erectile dysfunction (Sacred Woman).

what happens when you eat almonds?
Yes, eating almonds will provide much of the mineral iron. You can also get iron from other sources such as fruits and vegetables. Colorful vegetables like kale or dandelion greens, and you can get iron from fruits such as figs, dates, and such... Iron carries oxygen through the blood to the male genital--the penis (Dr. Afrika, Holistic Health).

Foods for blood circulation in the male penis
Natural food and herbs for libido enhancements, you know the saying "the healthier you are, the better the love." For a man to have a good sex life, he needs constant sturdy penis erection and being healthy. A man needs a lot of blood circulation to his penis. Blood flow will bring much oxygen and trace minerals to invigorate your libido. You can use certain natural foods as an aphrodisiac.

Natural foods that are high in zinc will increase testosterone and sperm production. For example, Onions, nuts, strawberries, grapes (red globe), cocoa, mushrooms, prunes, avocado, currants, figs, blackberries, dates, and raspberries are good for healthy libido sex drive.
Avocado gives energy and is rich in unsaturated fat which is good for your heart and arteries. It helps your heart beats strong and keeps blood flowing in areas that enhance libido.

  • Exercise to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your sexual organs. The better shape you are, the more endurance, and better sex you will have.

  • Almond, Brazil nut, and hazelnuts are nutrient-dense and are rich in trace minerals that are important for sexual health such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

  • Strawberries are a good source of folic acid, vitamin B, and helps men with high sperm count.

  • Figs are high in fiber which is good for your heart for more blood flow and oxygen to your penis.

  • Watermelon releases and dilates blood vessels to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Natural herbs that are high in zinc to increase circulation to your penis, give you more stamina, stimulates your sex drive, and give you a firm erection:

  • Chickweed, sage, dill, lemongrass, thyme, basil, mustard seed, anise seed, coriander, basil, baobab powder, Ginkgo Biloba, Maca root, oregano, rooibos, honeybush, sea moss, and red raspberry leaf.

Low Libido food to avoid
Food to avoid that can lower libido sex drive, decrease sperm count, and cause erectile dysfunction. Hybrid marijuana or synthetic cannabis produced poor quality sperm. Smoking hybrid marijuana can reduce libido drives. A person who gave you the best sex after smoking marijuana is promoting erectile dysfunction. If you think being high is the result of good sex, that may be true, but smoking hybrid marijuana is also decreasing your libido drive. When a man’s sperms are dead from overheating, the penis will leak the dead sperm out or the man will have a wet dream, which allows dead wasted sperm to come out of the testes as a result of smoking and drinking excessively accompanied by an unhealthy diet.

Excessive alcohol is a fast way of having erectile dysfunction; Alcohol-destroyed sperm count.

Let me know what you think about this list of herbs and natural food for more circulation in men's penis and erection in the comment below.

Does Irish moss help libido?
Yes, Irish moss helps libido enhancement. When the penis has more blood flowing to it, it is more erectile, firm, and harder. It is more blood flowing to the penis allowing more oxygen to flow, which gives it a harder erection--this is why sea moss helps to boost libido drive. Irish moss has a high concentration of iron, it is very good for the blood, and iron is the one mineral people all over the world are lacking. Irish moss revitalizes the entire body enriching the blood and allows it to carry out more oxygen to all parts of the body including the penis. As you may know, the more blood flowing to the penis the better for a harder firm erectile ready to rumble penis. The answer to that question is yes Irish moss helps boost libido.

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