Increase Libido Drive Drinks & Foods

Increase Libido Drive for women/men. Food drink smoothie recipes.

Increase Libido Drive Drinks & Foods

Increase Libido drive drinks,natural Foods, herbs, and water. Ordinary foods that are at your local supermarkets such as banana due to its bromelain enzymes that helps produce testosterone production. Look for these highly nutritious small bananas called “Thai bananas or Buro Bannas” because they are great aphrodisiac foods. Natural herbs can also boost libido. One of the best libidos enhancing herb is the Malaysian Ginseng. In addition, honey can increase libido drive for men/women. Honey taking with Malaysian Ginseng is an excellent aphrodisiac. Honey was regarded as the sexual drive food in Greece and Rome (Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey). Water increases libido drive; divide how much you weight by two, then drink the number in ounces of natural spring water to boost sexual performance. Water brings more oxygen to your body which is good for muscle growth. there are so many natural ways of enriching your sexual desires and increase your libido drive. You can combat any lack of libido performance with natural foods such as aniseeds, hazelnuts, mushrooms, figs, red globe grapes and many other libidos enhance foods.

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Almond increase libido blood flow?
Almonds (Prunus Amygdalus) is one of the best nuts with the most value of nutrition. Almonds have been used in the past for potentially treating impotency. Almond increases libido blood which affects sexual health. Almond is good for blood circulation in the genital area. Eating almond helps erectile dysfunction and boost libido performance? Almond has the benefit of increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the male penis because of the nut mineral content such as iron, copper, and zinc. Iron helps with blood flow to the genital area. A lack of blood circulation in the male penis causes sexual issues such as impotency which is a lack of sexual desires. Someone unable to perform sexual intercourse due to arousal stimulation. If there is a lack of blood flow to the penis to supply oxygen, this will lead to erectile dysfunction (Sacred Woman).

Aniseeds boost libido drives and sperm count
Aniseeds is an aphrodisiac that is beneficial for increasing libido drive. And for good for boosting sperm count. Aniseeds have long been used in the ancient world to help treating ailments such as coughs, asthma, anxiety, and digestion. Aniseeds was used in ancient Egypt during the 25th dynasty to boost libido drive. Aniseed was used in Ancient Rome as well as Greece to enhance libido/sperm count (Dr. Laila).

Aniseed is still extremely popular among the top healers today. Dr. Sebi added aniseeds in his well-known alkaline nutritional guide food guide. The food list contains some of the most nutritious natural foods that are known to be rich in minerals. Queen Afua wrote about aniseed in the book, Sacred Woman. According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Aniseeds have some of the 27 major minerals found in the human body and in the earth's soil. Aniseeds have the mineral iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, copper, and potassium to name a few.

Dr. Sebi referenced iron as the one mineral that pulls other minerals toward it and is excellent for supplying energy. Iron carries oxygen throughout the body through the blood and provides blood flow/oxygen to the genital area. Iron delivers a fresh supply of oxygen to increase libido drive. The aphrodisiac food aniseed and burdock root are rich in the mineral iron.
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7 Foods that increase sperm count?
Sperm needs minerals, nutrients, and oxygen to thrive. Minerals such as Copper, potassium, and iron increases sperm count. Iron carries oxygen through the blood and is an excellent source for producing sperm count. Nutrients from natural foods are important for energy conversion to help produce the environment the body needs to increase sperm count (Mineral and man). The following foods increase sperm count as well as fertility:

  1. Goji berries

  2. Ginseng

  3. Wall nuts

  4. Asparagus

  5. Bananas

  6. Dark chocolate

  7. Oysters

Water Increases Libido drive
To increase libido, drinking one glass of natural spring water with aniseed powder before bed or in the morning can increase libido drive. You may also want to change your diet, regular exercise, and start eating fresh foods such as green-purple leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Almond has the benefit of increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the male penis. Eating almonds will supply much of the mineral iron. Water increases libido drive—drink plenty of natural spring water. You can also get iron from other sources such as fruits and vegetables. Colorful vegetables like kale or dandelion greens. You can get iron from fruits such as figs, and dates. Iron carries oxygen through the blood to the male genital (Dr. Afrika, Holistic Health).
Top 10 Libido Foods
Natural food and herbs to increase libido. You know the saying "the healthier you are, the better the sex life." For a man to have a good sex life, he needs constant sturdy penis erection. A man needs a lot of blood circulation to his penis. Blood flow will bring much oxygen and trace minerals to revitalize your libido. You can use certain natural foods as an aphrodisiac. The top ten libido foods.

  1. Honey regulates estrogen and testosterone

  2. Avocado has vitamin E and helps balance energy levels.

  3. Bananas triggers testosterone because of its bromelain enzymes

  4. Chili peppers make the heart rate to speed up and inhibit perspiration because of chili pepper's ability to stimulate endorphins.

  5. Pine nut is beneficial for a healthy libido drive because of its mineral content zinc.

  6. Arugula has been known for an aphrodisiac vegetable and help increase libido drive.

  7. Oysters are an excellent source of the mineral zinc which is known to increase sexual hormones.

  8. Mustard seeds increase blood circulation which delivers more blood and oxygen throughout the body for longer periods of erections during sex.

  9. Sea moss is rich in the mineral iron, cooper, calcium, magnesium, and iodine. Sea moss is excellent for youthful vigor and energy level

  10. Water, drink plenty of natural spring water

Food that Increases Libido
Natural food that increases libido are high in zinc and will increase testosterone/sperm count. For example, Onions, nuts, strawberries, grapes (red globe), cocoa, mushrooms, prunes, avocado, currants, figs, blackberries, dates, and raspberries are natural foods to increase libido drive. The most common food that boost libido instantly can be found in your everyday local produce supermarket.

  • Avocado gives energy and is rich in unsaturated fat which is good for high libido, heart, and arteries. It helps your heart beats strong and keeps blood/oxygen flowing in the genital areas that enhance libido.

  • Exercise to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your sexual organs. The better shape you are, the more endurance, and better sex you will have.

  • Eat all types of natural nuts to boost libido such as almond, Brazil nut, and hazelnuts. These nuts are nutrient-dense, rich in trace minerals that are important for sexual health such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

  • Strawberries are a reliable source of folic acid, and vitamin B, which helps men with high sperm count.

  • Figs are high in fiber which is good for your heart for more blood flow and oxygen to your penis.

  • Watermelon releases/dilates blood vessels to treat erectile dysfunction. Watermelon increases libido.

  • Natural herbs that are high in zinc can increase circulation to the penis, improves stamina, stimulates libido drive, and give a firm erection.
    18 Herbs for Increasing libido drive
    The top herbs for increasing libido drive. Libido for ashwagandha is the most popular, but there are other good herbs that increase libido, and they do a good herb sex job.

Chickweed, Sage, Dill, Lemongrass, Thyme, basil, mustard seed, anise seed, coriander, basil, baobab powder, Ginkgo Biloba, Maca root, oregano, rooibos, Honeybush, sea moss, and red raspberry leaf.

Libido booster food salad
This libido booster food salad is full of natural antioxidants. It can be enjoyed with a simple salad dressing of healthy ingredients, which include olive oil that lowers cholesterol. Lemon is great for cleansing. Garlic is good for stroke and prevent heart attacks. The libido booster food salad dressing is to mix vinegar, garlic, and olive oil in a small container, then squeeze a yellow lemon and mix everything. The libido booster food salad recipe:

  • One bundle of asparagus rich in Vitamin E to serve as a sensual hormone booster that will make the penis extra sensitive.

  • Hass Avocado or any other types of avocados—contains folic acid to help process protein in the body. Avocado is recommended for increasing libido.

  • Almond contains fatty acids to promote sexual hormones production—add one cup of slice almonds.

  • Add some lettuce of your choice with a ½ cup of oil of olive, squeeze a whole yellow lemon juice, three pressed/pounded, half a cup of vinegar, garlic cloves, and mix all in a bowl.

Drinks that Increase Libido
Watermelon is an excellent drink to increase libido. Eating watermelon helps to relax blood vessels the way Viagra does, but without the side effects like Viagra does. Watermelon has several libido properties due lycopene and citrulline that help to reduce prostate, colon and endometrial. Watermelon can help with free-radicals and cholesterol. Preparing drinks that increase libido:

  • Half of a squeeze yellow lemon

  • Half of a squeeze lime

  • Seven or a bunch of strawberries which contain folic acid

  • Chop a big piece of watermelon into small pieces or blend in a blender to turn into juice. Blend the white part of the watermelon because it has high concentration of citrulline.

  • Add the lemon/lime juices for their folic acid properties.

  • Add the strawberries, then mix them together and drink to increase libido.
    Natural Aphrodisiac Drink:
    Natural aphrodisiac drink to help boost libido drive can be made with watermelon, beetroot, lime, or lemon, and maca powder. You can blend these ingredients along with cayenne pepper and pumpkin seeds to drink for boosting libido drive. Here is how to prepare this natural aphrodisiac drink to increase libido drive. Remember to add the with part of the watermelon because it has plenty of good nutrients.

  • ¼ part of a watermelon. Get a seeded watermelon and cut a big part into little pieces that can fit in a blender.

  • One seed lemon or lime

  • 1 tsp powder of maca

  • 4-5 pumpkin seeds

  • ½ of a beet

  • ¼ tsp of cayenne pepper

You prepare this libido drink by mixing up all the ingredients in a blender. Chopped the beets/watermelon into sizes that will fit in a blender. Squeeze the seeded lemon or lime, then you add the ½ pinch of cayenne pepper/maca powder. You blend everything together like you would a smoothy.

Natures Viagra:
One of the best natures Viagra drinks to increase libido drive is a combination of these natural ingredients that anyone can pick up in a local supermarket. To make your own nature Viagra drink, pick up the following to blend in a blender to make an instant natural Viagra.

  • Raw ginger

  • Celery

  • Carrots

  • Beetroot

Chop up all the ingredients in the blender and enjoy your natural Viagra.

Increasing testosterone can boost libido
Testosterone brings the animal instincts in men. The more testosterone a man has, the more interested in sex that man is. The level of testosterone directly affects your libido drives and your frequency of erections. Massaging the testicles daily while in the shower is an effective way to increase testosterone. All it takes is to warm the testes in warm water and massage them one at a time between the fingers. Pull the skin of the testicles down and hold them slightly and switch back and forth between massaging and pulling the skin for about two or three minutes. These exercises will increase testosterone and boost libido drive.

Foods that Lower sex drive

  • Excessive alcohol is a fast way of having erectile dysfunction; Alcohol-destroyed sperm count and lower libido drive.

  • Hybrid marijuana or synthetic cannabis produced low quality sperm and lower libido drive. If you think being high is the result of good sex, that may be true, but smoking hybrid marijuana is also decreasing your libido drive by depriving oxygen/blood flow.

  • When a man’s sperms are dead from overheating, the penis will leak the dead sperm out or the man will have a wet dream, which allows dead wasted sperm to come out of the testes because of smoking and drinking excessively accompanied by an unhealthy diet.

Irish Moss Increases libido?
Irish moss increases libido drive. When the penis has more blood flowing to it, it is more erectile, firm, and harder. More blood flowing to the penis allowing more oxygen to flow, which gives it a harder erection. Irish moss has a high concentration of iron, it is exceptionally good for the blood, and iron is the one mineral people all over the world are lacking. Irish moss revitalizes the entire body enriching the blood and allows it to carry out more oxygen to all parts of the body including the penis. As you may know, the more blood flowing to the penis, the firmer and harder the penis’ rection becomes. Irish moss increases libido drive.

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