Hair Care Product list Black Owned

Hair Care Product list Black Owned

This article covers:

  1. Black hair care product list
  2. What are the natural food for hair growth
  3. zinc mineral-rich foods for hair growth
  4. Eat iron-rich food for hair growth
  5. Mineral for hair growth
  6. black owned hair care
  7. Natural food brings you to your perfect weight, beauty, and hair growth
  8. Herbs for hair growth
  9. Natural Food for hair growth

Who makes your hair care product regimens? Is it pink ribbon natural, chubby curls, or is it blue rose beauty? These are some of the black-owned hair care products list that are given black African Americans the consumer choice they have been telling other brands for years.

If you are an African American woman, this is a question you frequently hear. Over the past few years, many black women are beginning to question this very thought because it is estimated that 37% of black women experiment with numerous natural hair care products. It is expected to increase up to 67% by the year 2020 and rising, natural hair styling products among black women has a 51% consumer base and rising.

Black hair care products are a billion-dollar industry. This demand is coming black women who styling for natural hair care products, which is about 26.8% consumer sales increase. Hair products like shampoo, conditioner, and natural hair color have increased by 18.3%.

The want for the fashion of Afro hairstyles is rising. Black women are increasingly dropping straight and relaxed hair for natural curly Afro hair which is driving consumer wants for new products to their daily regimen.

Black hair care consumer interest is above average because of high engagement in hair care products such as light oils, treatments for the scalp, and hair fragrance. There is a 68% increase in scalp treatments, a 64% increase in hair fragrance, and a 57% increase in natural hair oils. This increase in black hair care products has caused several other Afro hair care product launches: shampoo, conditioner, hair styling, hair treatments, damaged hair products, and moisturizing hair care products (according to Mintel market research).

Some of that money is being allocated to the pockets and communities of the people who overwhelmingly fund it. The black hair care product industry is making a lot of sisters wealthy, so let's keep that momentum going by our continuous support. Below is the list of many black-owned hair product companies, when you see them and you need natural hair products, it's up to us all to support them.


Black owned hair care product list

Frizz-free curls
Naturally smitten
Tailored beauty
Chubby curls Curlmatics Jane carter's solution
The hair whip company Eden bony works
Rajeeyah sweet naturals
Good hair care


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Nancy's kitchen products
Blue rose beauty
Camille rose natural
Elaine hair & body
Tangles and beyond
J. Monique's naturals
Thank God it's Natural
Obia Naturals
Mielle organics
Beemine organics
Over the top hair call
She scent it
I'm inspired beauty
Pink ribbon naturals
Kinky tresses
Qhemet biologics
Unleash the curls
Especially hair
The natural root
Brown girl organics
Curl origin
Truly you curls
Curl dynasty
Honeys handmade
My honey child
Darcy's botanicals
Chocolate kinks & kurls
Shunsleek beauty

Food for Hair Growth

Food for natural hair such as mineral zinc, rich iron foods, and copper-rich foods are among the best fruits and vegetables that are excellent for growing beautiful strong long hair with food that promotes hair growth. The alkaline nutritional guide from Dr. Sebi is the top food list for growing natural hair

  1. Eat iron-rich food
    Green lefty vegetables, almond, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts are among some of the best iron-rich food you will find for growing hair natural locally.

  2. Mineral for hair growth
    the easy natural raw mineral you can get at your local health store, they are mineral for hair food.
    Silica sources are cucumber, mango, green leaf, asparagus, and horsetail have the mineral silica and is good for hair growth.
    zinc sources are Brazil nuts.
    Iodine sources are kelp, Dulse, kombu, and wakame.

Natural Food for hair growth

Simple natural food for growing hair you can get near you.
Saw palmetto
Sea moss
Small banana (burro banana)

Herbs for hair growth

Natural herbal hair food at your local discount health stores.
Massage the hair and scalp with Rosemary essential oil to boost circulation for more oxygen to

Natural food brings you to your perfect weight, beauty, and hair growth

I want to give you some answers about raw natural beauty. I get so many questions from people about how is my skin so flawless, how do I keep my figure so balance and why is my hair is always growing? Yes, I attribute my gorgeous skin, my beautiful natural black hair, and my figure to eating natural foods. Let me tell you why, better yet, let me tell you what natural food does—a balanced firm figure. Natural food that is grown naturally in nature that is full of nutrients, not man-made food, is what I am concerning here.
Interest of blacck owned hair care products within the past 12 month:
image source, google Trends

Natural whole foods are so intelligent, they will shape your body to its perfect shape. You are not eating fat or as much fat when you adopt natural food to your diet. Your body will start to sculpt to its natural shape by only eating right and walking. What the food does is detox all of the toxins and fats out of your body.

Then, after the cleansing out the unclean stuff, your body will start to repair itself. After the repair, your body will bring muscles, distribute shapes all in the right places. If you supposed to me thick, you will have that without being fat. Your figure will get better, better, and better. Remember this is not a diet, you eat till your belly pleased. You only need to eat whatever it is natural.

The other thing people ask me about is my skin. My skin is flawless because of the natural foods, the natural spring water, and the natural herbs that help release toxins from my body. I also use natural beauty products like African black soap, Shea butter, herbal baths, cocoa butter, and other...

All of the information about hair can found in this book Sacred Woman
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