3 cons of vegetarianism

vegetarian cons, define vegetarian, number one cancer group are vegetarians

3 cons of vegetarianism

what can you not eat as a vegetarian?
Why is vegetarians are the number one cancer group in the United States?
GMO Fruits and vegetables are a vegetarian con
Bad food for vegetarians

Bad food for vegetarians.

Vegetarians are supposed to be healthier than people who consume animal products. The vegetarian definition is not eating meat, but eating a diet mostly consisting of plant based; eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and dairy. Scientifically it is known that a plant-based diet significantly enriches the quality of health rather than consuming the flesh of farm raised animals. Is cancer a con of vegetarianism?

The number one cancer group in America are vegetarians. what can you not eat as a vegetarian?

Even if your diet is plant based, you may not be as healthy as you may think. It is becoming more difficult to go to the supermarket to buy natural food, you may have researched and thought you are buying natural food, but it is extremely hard because food companies by law are not required to label GMO products that they sell you.

Even though you may make it a priority of researching what food you buy; it can be overwhelming if companies are not being regulated to label GMO foods. That is a con to vegetarianism because they are becoming the top cancer group in the nation vastly because of the food they are consuming.

This can easily be resolved if food manufacturers by law was required to label what they sell and all or any genetically modified organisms ingredient. It is alarming when for a customer to find out that the tomato he/she purchased from the supermarket is genetically modified with an organism, which makes the tomato absorb 80% moisture dehydrating the human body.

I know it is difficult, but it can get worse, which is why no one must give up. Always strive to do your due-diligence, you must must always read all labels and make a decision. If you want to make a change, then start with what you put on your plate because when you eat right all else follows. You are what you eat, drink, and think.

Why is vegetarians are the number one cancer group in the United States?

  1. Soy is dangerous and soy is very popular in so many vegetarian recipes. George Washington Carver found many uses of soy such as plastic, paint, oil, and many other products. You would not eat a piece of plastic of a car, but you would eat soy products.
    According to Dr. Lailla, soy is a feminine plant; soy heighten a male's feminine attributes, soy causes poor circulation, and soy thickens the blood. Soy products is a con for vegetarianism because the soy plant has been genetically modified over many years; consuming soy is detrimental to good health.
GMO Fruits and vegetables are a vegetarian con
  1. Most fruits and vegetables found in vegetarian recipes are either hybrid, genetically modified, and/or are crossbred foods. In many vegetarian recipes, you will find the following foods and ingredients: yams, sugar cane, sweet potato, white Malanga, pumpkin, beets, aloe Vera, most beans, peanuts, seedless fruits, pineapple, garlic, celery, broccoli, eggplant, spinach, sugar, white flower, and pasta,the list goes on.

  2. According to Dr. Sebi, Starch is a chemical, not a food, and starch is derived from hybridization. For example, Dr. sebi said when a food is not natural it produces a chemical called starch; when a food is natural, it has a PH. of 7.0 or above, and vegetarians eat nothing but starch. You may wonder why they are sick and not living longer than the average junk food eater, which is part of the reason that in America vegetarianism is at the top of caner group.

Vegetarians cannot eat starch and live long. Someone needs to tell them that they have been tricked into eating white flour, pasta, spaghetti, corn, wheat, grits, sugar, eggplant, pumpkin, beans, chestnuts, potatoes, squash, yams, sweet potato, and rice according to Dr. Sebi. when people consume starch, the body has to take nutrients from your blood and bones to make the food whole so that it can break it down and digest it, except from Dr. Sebi.

Vegetarians ending up doing more damage by depleting the body of its minerals to make something that was eating which added no value to health. Starch has cyanide, it compromises the brain; starch will cause you to daydream about delusions, and Starch will eat away your hips and kneecaps. Starch is not a food; it is a chemical, which is detrimental to health. For a complete list of natural foods, check out the Nutritional Guide.

Bad food for vegetarians.

36 highly acidic foods, GMO, Gene splice, and crossed bred foods you need to know about and also are bad for vegetarians.
To sustain a happy healthy lifestyle, that food will do little to promote good health. For example, they are high in starch, which eats your bones, hips, knees, and eye sights.
Sugar cane
Sweet potato
White malanga
Aloe vera
Most beans and peas
Seedless grape and any seedless fruits
Curry powder: it has turmeric
Rice- has cyanid, modified to contain high vitamin A.
Carrot- was made in holland
Corn- corn oil, flour, sugar or syrup
Honey- can be produced from GMO crops
Cotton oil
Tomatoes- made for long shelf life
Canola- canola oil
Papaya- if imported from Hawaii
Squash- yellow crookneck
Red-hearted chicory
Meat- most meat and dairy products usually come from animals that have eaten GM feed.
Nutricide by Dr. Lailla, Dr. Sebi